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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has TEAM been established?

Team Agencies Pty Ltd was established by in 1985 by Anne Will.  We were a high fashion adult agency with an office in both Melbourne & Sydney.  In 1991 we developed the children's section. Team now specialises in children, teenagers, families, adults with special talents and actors.  Team also has a small elite creative section.

How many children/talent do TEAM represent?

Team has between 150-200 children on the books. This includes babies and teenagers up to the age of 17 years.  We have between 60-70 adult talent/actors, from the age of 18 years up.

Do I/ my child need a tax file number?

Yes.  Team Agencies is not considered the employer; we simply act as your agent.  For photographic or commercial work we will invoice the client on your behalf and enclose a Tax File Number Declaration Form for you.  For film and theatre, usually you will fill in a tax form on location. The client is obliged to deduct PAYG taxation installments.  If clients do not receive a tax file number declaration form they will deduct tax at 50% of the gross amount.

Do we have to sign a contract?

Team Agencies has an agreement that you must agree to before you commence working. This agreement is legally binding.  However, the agreement may be terminated by either party at any time by giving written notification.  

Generally you should allow at least one year with a new Agency.  This time gives the Agency the opportunity to promote you/your child to the best of their ability.  It is important to remember that it take time to establish new talent and to acquire a good client base for them.

What commission do you take?

Team takes between 10%-20% commission from the gross amount.  The commission is deducted before the payment comes to you.  It is important to note that since the introduction of the GST the commission is now GST applicable. You will in reality lose 11%-22% of the gross.

Does Team guarantee work?

No. We cannot guarantee work.  We will work to the best of our ability to promote you/your child, however, the final decision always lies with the client.  Remember, the more you work the more we work, if you do not work, neither do we!

Can I/my child be with more than one agency?

No you cannot, it is not ethical to be with more than one Agency.  It is your responsibility to inform us if you are with another Agency before you come in for an interview.  We register children/talent on the condition they are not with another Agency.

What sort of work do you do & who are your clients?

Still Photography - Catalogues such as K-Mart, Target, Myer, Gumboots, Seed, Minihaha, Big W, Designer Kidz, Scooter, Run Scotty Run etc.  We work regularly with Cleckheaton & Patons, there is also a fair amount of corporate photography, P.R and advertising clients.

Television Commercials - Of all the Television Commercials you see on T.V approximately 50% would be shot in Melbourne. Over the years Team children and adults have featured in many TVC's.  Some of our TVC's are:- Medibank, Yellow Pages, RACV, Cottee's Cordial, Clarks shoes, Herald & Weekly Times, Lay's Potatoe Crisps, Foxtel, K-Mart, McCain Foods, San Remo, Cadbury Chupa Chups, Brivis "Winter Ducks", Myer, Old El Paso, Mitra 10, Mitsubishi, McDonalds, Ford, Specsavers, Maggi, NAB, Stubbies Schoolwear, Coles, Campbells Soup, 1800-Reverse, Masterfoods and Huggies just to name a few.

Mini Series, Film & Theatre - Team has some very talented young children, teenagers and adults on the books. Those children/talent studying drama/acting have the opportunity to audition for many of the feature films and mini series that are now cast out of Melbourne. Some of the TV series and film our children/talent have been involved in are:-  Beastmaster, Secret Life of Us, Round The Twist, Short Cuts, Ponderosa, Blue Heelers, Bootleg, Wicked Science, Saddle Club, Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?, Trampoline, Underbelly, The Elephant Princess, Irresistible, Comedy Inc.

Charity - Team believe it's important to give back to society.  We have been involved in many charity functions and encourage our young models to become involved in the community by giving their time to these very special functions. .  

Student Films – We support many student films, these new young Directors are the Directors of the future.  We work with graduates from the VCA and RMIT.

Opera  -  Team works extensively with Opera Australia and have had many of our children and adults involved in their productions:- Don Carlo, Madame Butterfly, Lohengrin, Faust and Der Rosenkavalier.

How do I know TEAM is a reputable agency?

Team Agencies has been in business since 1985 and have been actively involved in helping create a safer work environment for children. They were a member of the Victorian Children’s Agents’ Association (VCAA) until it folded in December 2012. The owner, Anne Will, was part of the working party that helped establish the ‘Code of Practice’ relevant to children working in the Entertainment Industry. She is well known by all Casting Directors/Consultants, Photographers, Advertising Clients, Production Companies and the like. Team Agencies is also listed with MEAA - Media Entertainment Arts Alliance.

Remember, it is up to you to research thoroughly, this way you can make an informed and educated decision on which Agency you wish to represent you or your child.

Is there Legislation Governing Agencies?

No, there is no Legislation Governing Agencies in Victoria.  That's why it is imperative to thoroughly do your research.  There is however Legislation Governing children under the age of 15 years working, this Legislation applies to all children under 15 years regardless of what work they do.  For more detailed information please go to If you are invited for an interview, we will thoroughly cover the requirements for the employment of children in entertainment.

How often will I/my child get work?

We can offer no guarantees in regard to how often you/your child will work.  Regardless, it's important to remember that we choose our children/talent very carefully and as a result our hit rate is very high.  A large percentage of our children/talent do work.  Team has been established for 23 years, we have a wonderful reputation that has been built on the quality of our talent and the professional service we offer.

How do you promote your talent?

Initially, we verbally advise clients in regard to new talent. Having been in the industry for  many years we are highly respected by our clients;  they put their trust in us to advise them of new and quality talent. We also have a wonderful website that is widely used by all clients.  This website is continually updated with photos, measurements and information.  There is a show reel facility and a CV facility.  Please note that our website is safe, secure, password protected and coded.  Clients can view our talent at the touch of a button.

What is an agent?

An Agent acts as your representative when dealing with potential employers.  Your Agent works on your behalf to make sure that you receive the best possible rates of pay, to organise contracts and work permits and to make sure all conditions and guidelines in regard to working with children are met.  In return your Agent takes a commission from the fee they have negotiated for you.  This commission can range between 10% and 20% depending on the type of work.

Is the work during the week or weekends?

Most of our work is during the week and can be during school times.  There is very little work done at weekends as penalty rates apply for crew and talent.  Work, auditions and castings can be at any time.  It's important for you to be flexible and for parents of children to be prepared to take their children out of school if required.

What do children/talent get paid?

Rates vary from job to job depending on what you/your child is doing.  The fee structure is explained to you at the interview and prior to each job.  The Victorian Children's Agents' Association (VCAA) has a recommended minimum fee structure, as does the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance (MEAA); however, every agent has the right to negotiate their own rates based on the experience of their talent.

What are the membership fees?

Fees for membership to the Agency vary and are as follows:

Children under 2 years
A fee of $395 (GST incl) is payable on joining and includes the following for a period of 12 months.

  • Set up administration fee
  • Photos taken by Anne Will, suitable for use on our website and client usage
  • 'Basic Profile' uploaded to Casting Networks. CN is a database that our clients are using regularly to cast TVC's, Stills and Film. It has proven essential for our talent to have updated details and photos on this database.
  • Unlimited updated information, including photos from parents (will only use if suitable).

Children over 2 years
Start up fee of $495 (GST incl.) for a period of 12 months and includes the following.

  • Set up administration fee
  • Full set of photos taken for our website
  • Representation on our website, incorporating our new highly advanced technology.
  • Unlimited updated information which can include photos/tear sheets provided by  parents.
  • 'Basic Profile' uploaded to Casting Networks. CN is a database that our clients are using regularly to cast TVC's, Stills and Film. It has proven essential for our talent to have updated details and photos on this database.

Discounted fees
A discount of 10% will be given to new families registering 3 or more children.

Price on application, depending on variables.

All talent wishing a 10-15 minute assessment only, a fee of $60 applies.

Are joining fees tax deductible?

Fees paid to Team Agencies are tax deductible only if you/the child has earned in excess of the tax free threshold (around $5,500 pa).  Tax issues are your responsibility; if in doubt speak to an Accountant or Tax Adviser.

How do I register?

If you are interested in joining Team Agencies please go to the link 'Apply' then click on the drop down menu 'Talent Application' 

Can I get a refund if I change my mind or leave the Agency before my membership expires?

No, we do not offer refunds.  We highly recommend that you thoroughly read ALL our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), any questions you have in relation to these or any other matters can be directed to us via email or phone.  We also suggest you do your own research well before you attend your appointment. Once your appointment time has been scheduled, we will email you an instruction document, please read this carefully.

It's important to note that once we have done all your/your child's photos, collated them, cropped them, photo shopped them and loaded them on to our site, as well as created the profiles for you/your child on our four databases required, your membership fees have already been absorbed.  Hence, refunds cannot be offered as the work has already been completed. 

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