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Special Conditions Relating To Child Employment

Under the legislation, Child Employment Act 2003, all children under the age of 15 years must have a Child Employment Permit for EVERY job.  It is the responsibility of the client/employer & parent to have the permit in place.  As the talent's Agent; we are happy to assist, however we are no longer legally allowed to submit the paperwork.  Knowing what is required and allowing enough time for the documentation to be processed is essential.

For further information regarding your responsibility and compliance please visit or contact a child employment officer on 1800 287 287.

Please Note
No talent or any company supplying talent is an employee of Team Agencies Pty Ltd. Team Agencies acts solely as Agent for and on behalf of the talent.  Accordingly, the Tax Department and the relevant Government Authorities, treat the booking contract as a contract of employment or services between the client who books the talent and the talent.

We, the Agent, act solely for and on behalf of our models/talent, and whilst making every endeavor to provide a satisfactory and efficient service, we cannot be held ultimately responsible for a model'/talent's conduct on an assignment.

Team Agencies respects the talents rights to privacy and confidentiality of personal information provided to us.  Where personal information is passed onto clients for the purpose of obtaining work, we do so on the understanding that clients are sensitive to privacy issues and takes seriously the ongoing trust that talent have placed with us. Under no circumstances should talents personal information be passed to a third party without the prior consent of the Agent.

Photographic Rates
As per quote when booking.  Normal hours for a day's booking are between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm.  A day's booking is 8 hours (and includes the lunch hour).  Time and a half before 8.30 am / after 5.30 pm.

Saturdays – Time and a half.
Sundays – Double time.
Underwear – Double model's hourly rate.
Sleepwear – P/J's time and a half.

Please note – Overtime will be charged after 15 minutes.

Fittings – half model's hourly rate.
(One or more garments constitutes a fitting.)

Screen Tests/Casting
Screen Tests as per quote when booking.
Second castings/recalls half models hourly rate.

Loadings and Products
Additional rates will be negotiated at the time of booking for all point of sale items.  Posters, Bill Boards, Display Cards, Packaging, Swing Tickets and any other display material.  Magazine inserts, press, re-use of photos and website usage carry loadings.

*It is the client's responsibility to check product bookings with us for conflicts.

Stills and TVC Bookings
All rates for commercials and stills to be negotiated with agency at time of booking. Rates quoted for a period of 12 months only – extensions to be negotiated.

Film & Television
All child perfomers receive 75% of the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance adult rate of pay for Film and Television.  This rate applies to all child extras and performers. 

Parades and Showings
As per quote when booking.

Usage – Photographic and Commercial
Note: All shots are to be used solely for the purpose for which they were shot. Additional usage or exposure must be checked with the agency. Catalogue usage is for a period of 12 months only, further usage to be negotiated and loadings apply. It is the client's responsibility to supply agency with contracts for all commercials at the time of booking.

Travel Time
Travel time will be charged at model's hourly rate when traveling more than 10 kilometers outside the city radius.

Holds and Cancellations
Holds must be confirmed one working day prior to booking, if not confirmed second holds could take precedence. Cancellations on all jobs must be made 24 hours prior to booking – if not, full fee will be charged.

Weather Permits
First cancellation if weather not permitting, no fee (unless model arrives at booking), provided model is rebooked. Otherwise full fee is payable.

  • Second cancellation at half fee.
  • Third cancellation at full fee.

Agency Fee: - 10%
Agency Service Fee is payable on all invoicing.
10% GST applies to ASF

Our Terms are strictly 14 dayss

* The agent reserves the right to negotiate within the structure of these terms and conditions.

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